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Here is good news for all the homebuyers who have ever faced the problem of delayed projects by the developer or even scared investing money in new projects. This is one stop solution for all your needs.
We provide end-to-end solutions in foreign collaboration, joint ventures, technology transfer and cooperation, including advice, government policy and regulations, identification of technology partner, negotiation and drafting the technology transfer agreement, associated fund raising, etc. Our highly experienced team will be glad to provide friendly service. We bring together the land owner and the builder, so that they both can understand each other’s resources and needs and can finally come up with some world class projects.
We collaborate all your work under one roof without any running from pillar to post and make sure that all your needs are met with 100% satisfaction. We work with the builders and enhance the fundamentals of the builders. We deliver the required service to the builders and get them in touch with the land owner. It would be good to say that we act as a catalyst in bringing the two builders together. Other than playing the role of a bridge between two builders we even make sure that all the sales and marketing are done with builder in the most cost effective way keeping in mind the quality.
Ash makes sure that our investors get the best pricing on the projects and also fetches the best price at the point of sale. We ensure that there is timely and effective sell and purchase of flats and property keeping in mind the location of the property (best location). There are times when the point of reselling pops in, in the process of sale of a property. That time we make sure that the investor gets the best price for its asset and the work is executed smoothly.
The supreme creator created the world 3 dimensionally with infinite number of creatures with different qualities. Well, we are doing similar to that on our computers. Wow...! This gives very godly feeling. Concept Designing and execution enters in a state of completeness & flawlessness at our 3d Rendering studio. Our Skills are like a spear which is a mark of its own. We promise and deliver best quality with best man power input.
When a number of pictures are joined together, it becomes a movie. In such a way we have the ability to capture “the thought, the dream, the vision” of our clients and give it a real shape in the world. We blow life in your imagination and vision exactly as you have seen. We create a more immersive experience by creating 360º panoramic renderings & animations. These are designed to be viewed on desktop/laptop using a mouse for navigation, or smartphone/tablet using touch gestures for navigation.
The dynamic, interactive and user-friendly presentation provided by us enables our esteemed clients to not only enhance corporate image and product launches, but also helps them in educating and communicating their message with clarity to their potential customers.
An elegant interior design showcase. Clickable buttons and menu elements are highlighted unobtrusively on mouse over, which looks like a very neat solution. We are highly skilled in using your space optimisely and giving your space a world class design. We hold an experience of more than a decade in giving the best look in less resources. Come and experience the world class design, contemporary as well as royal finish in low budget projects as well.
We capture your thoughts and through our outstanding printing effect make the world appreciate your imagination. Prints and designs delivered by us are one of the best quality. We give you a brand presentation and make an effective marketing tool and sales tool for you. In the process, we ensure our clients the best printing quality in the market done in the best way so that the customer understands what they are trying to sell. In other words, we execute the sales process in the most effective and smooth fashion. Whatever is required for the promotion of the sales, we make sure we do that, ensure high quality printing and designing. This in turn increases the sales in manifold.

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